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Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle riders are particularly vulnerable and susceptible to injury when they are involved in collisions with motor vehicles.  Often times motor vehicle drivers are careless or inattentive, causing collisions with law abiding bicycle riders.  Other times motor vehicle riders fail to exercise due care when opening doors when parked or inadvertently run bicyclists off of the road.

Those injured in a bicycle accident by the negligence of another driver often run into difficulties being compensated by their damages.  Motor vehicle drivers and their insurance companies many times dispute liability even when it is relatively clear that the bicyclist was not at fault.  In those situations it is important to hire an attorney experienced in the often times complex liability situations that arise in bicycle accidents, especially those caused by a motor vehicle driver where a collision did not take place. Haffner & Morgan have extensive experience handling bicycle cases ranging from auto versus bicycle collisions, to cases where a driver or a passenger in a parked motor vehicle negligently opens a door in the path of a bicyclist. We stand ready to help, counsel and advise injured bicyclists through the entire process.

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Case

At Haffner & Morgan we focus on all types of serious cases and help clients become part of class actions and assist business clients whose success is threatened by the wrongdoing of others. In all matters, we are ethical, aggressive and tireless advocates for our clients. Our expertise and experience make us well equipped to handle even the most complex matters.