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Wrongful Death

When a person’s life is taken from them by the carelessness or intentional act of another person, the decedent’s heirs may have a legal remedy, which is called a Wrongful Death action. Statutes in California define who can bring a Wrongful Death action and what damages can be awarded. A civil action for wrongful death is completely separate and apart from any criminal action taken against the person. For example, although the driver of an automobile who killed a pedestrian may not be prosecuted or convicted for a crime, he or she might still be liable civilly by the dead person’s heirs in a Wrongful Death action.

Because the death of a close relative is so obviously tragic for the family of the deceased, the purpose of a Wrongful Death action is meant to help the family move forward financially in the face of such a tragic loss.

The attorneys at Haffner & Morgan can help guide family members through the legal system in the time of grief and loss following the death of a close relative.

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At Haffner & Morgan we focus on all types of serious cases and help clients become part of class actions and assist business clients whose success is threatened by the wrongdoing of others. In all matters, we are ethical, aggressive and tireless advocates for our clients. Our expertise and experience make us well equipped to handle even the most complex matters.

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