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About Our Law Firm

We are Haffner & Morgan


We have extensive experience resolving cases for maximum value without having to file a lawsuit. This means a higher payment, lower cost, and quicker turnaround for the client. But we have also litigated hundreds of cases when faced with shortsighted defendants. Our attorneys have successfully tried over 15 cases to verdict in State and Federal court. Whether it’s pre-litigation or trial, by committing to our practice of zealous and earnest representation, our clients obtain the results that they deserve.

Personalized Attention

Communication between a client and their attorney is key in obtaining results. We purposely handle fewer cases so that we can give each case and client the attention, time, and effort needed to obtain the best possible result. We recognize that many clients have never been in an accident or had a bad faith claim and so we realize the importance of being available to answer questions or explain things to our clients.


We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. We pride ourselves on doing whatever is needed to obtain the best possible result for our client. Sometimes that means going to trial, but often it is the aggressive handling of the minor procedural details in a client’s case that leads to a result that they deserve. See some of our recent results.


The attorneys of Haffner & Morgan have more than 25 years of experience representing Plaintiffs in a wide variety of cases for their clients.

They understand the primary focus of every attorney should be on the client. Understandably, as a potential client, you have many choices when selecting an attorney, and choosing the right attorney is oftentimes the difference between success and failure. When a person is wronged, they usually have to deal with a large insurance company or government entity that does not care about them or what they are going through. People often need professional representation, but all lawyers and law firms are not created equal. Because the San Diego personal injury attorneys at Haffner & Morgan are focused on their clients, they are able to achieve the best results.