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Case Results

$5.6M personal injury judgment Our client suffered significant back injuries while working for an employer that did not have work comp insurance.
$5.6M personal injury judgment We proceeded through litigation and ultimately obtained a judgment against the responsible parties.
$3.5M vehicle accident settlement Our client was t-boned by a construction truck and needed a spine surgery.
$1.48M side impact vehicle collision settlement Side impact motor vehicle accident causing orthopedic injuries and fibromyalgia, necessitating pain management and permanent residuals.
$1.08M bad faith insurance settlement
$1M vehicle accident settlement Front end motor vehicle accident with neck and back injuries, requiring surgery. Policy limits settlement
$1M vehicle accident verdict Rear end motor vehicle accident with neck and back injuries, as well as aggravated migraine headaches. Defense pre-trial offer of $90,000.00.
$1M vehicle accident verdict The case was aggressively defended and ultimately went to trial, and we obtained a verdict of $1,005,716.00, plus costs and expert costs.
$850K bicycle accident settlement Zero offer prior to filing a lawsuit. After numerous depos and extensive expert work we were able to negotiate a $850,000.00 settlement between two defendants.
$850K horse accident settlement Client suffered knee injuries in a horse accident requiring surgery and permanent impairment. Liability was initially denied and the case was aggressively defended.
$759K bad faith insurance verdict Our client had a slab leak at their home which the insurance company failed to properly fix. After a multi-week jury trial, the jury found that the insurance company acted in bad faith and awarded substantial damages for our clients.
$725K vehicle accident settlement $725,000.00 settlement after initial denial of coverage.
$500K vehicle accident settlement Serious injury rear end motor vehicle accident settled for policy limits.
$400K vehicle accident settlement Our client eventually had a surgery over three years post-accident and despite that, we were able to settle the case for $400,000.00.
$310K bicycle v. pedestrian settlement Our client was jogging in a marked crosswalk and struck by a bicyclist that ran a red light.
$300K t bone vehicle accident settlement Liability was initially denied but we pushed through and obtained the policy limits from the at-fault party and the balance of our client’s UIM policy limits.
$300K rear end motor vehicle accident settlement Moderate impact rear end accident requiring shoulder surgery settled for $300,000.00 policy limits.
$266K vehicle accident settlement Client was a back seat passenger in vehicle that collided with a parked car.
$252K head on vehicle accident settlement The at fault driver did not have any insurance but luckily our client had $250,000.00 in UM (Underinsured Motorist Coverage) through her own insurance carrier as well as medical payments coverage.
$252K head on vehicle accident settlement Our client had major injuries requiring surgery and had to be cut out of the vehicle. The initial medical bills were over the UM policy limits but we were able to get the health insurer to accept nearly 1/3 of the bills as payment in full as well as continue to cover any future care needed.
$250K vehicle accident settlement Client was a passenger in a severe head on collision where the at fault driver crossed the double yellow line and collided with the client’s car at approximately 40 mph.
$250K vehicle accident settlement We were able to negotiate client’s medical bills paid by the health insurance down significantly and recover the policy limits of $252,000.00.
$215K motor vehicle accident settlement Rear end motor vehicle accident with soft tissue injuries.
$121.7K insurance bad faith settlement Travel insurance bad faith claim.
$120K insurance bad faith settlement Failure to pay money due to client under homeowner’s policy.
$120K property damage settlement Fire damage to office building/storage facility. Case settled for $120,000.00 before litigation in addition to payments received by client from his own insurance company.
$101K insurance bad faith verdict Denied homeowner’s claim involving water loss. Insurance company wrongfully denied the claim in bad faith, and never offered any money on the claim.
$100K boat accident settlement Client was thrown from a boat when the driver ran aground. Multiple law firms in San Diego turned down the case before the client came to Haffner & Morgan.
$100K boat accident settlement Client sustained orthopedic injuries to her knees. $100,000.00 policy limits settlement.
$83K insurance bad faith verdict Client’s insurance company refused to pay for $4,000.00 stolen truck which was taken to Mexico and never returned.
$83K insurance bad faith verdict Verdict of $11,500.00, with a post-verdict settlement of $71,500.00, including costs and attorney’s fees.