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Getting injured in a truck accident is a frightening and stressful experience. Trucks are large, heavy vehicles that can cause wrongful death to occupants of passenger vehicles and pedestrians. Truck accidents victims are almost always left with serious injury, significant medical bills, lost wages, and perhaps even the inability to work again. A San Diego truck accident lawyer at Haffner & Morgan can help you receive rightful compensation.

Finding a way to deal with these financial pressures and emotional trauma can be stressful. At Haffner & Morgan, our San Diego personal injury lawyers will fight to make sure you get the just compensation you deserve. Our experienced truck accident attorneys can help advise on how to strengthen your case so you are in the driver’s seat for negotiating your claim. Contact Haffner & Morgan today for your free consultation.

Meet the Team

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At Haffner & Morgan, our team of truck accident attorneys, including Christian C. Haffner (right) and Timothy T. Morgan (left), have over 25 years of collective experience dedicated to representing plaintiffs in a diverse range of cases. We understand the challenges our clients face and are committed to providing them with the personalized attention, expertise, and advocacy they deserve. When you choose Haffner & Morgan, you’re choosing a team that puts your needs first and works tirelessly to secure the justice and compensation you deserve.

Why Hire San Diego Truck Accident Lawyers at Haffner & Morgan?

The personal injury attorneys at Haffner & Morgan are aggressive and dedicated to getting you the full compensation that you deserve. When you have been in a major or minor accident, our team is ready to help. Haffner & Morgan will launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding your accident and work tirelessly to make the legal process as seamless as possible. Our San Diego truck accident attorneys have experience in a variety of car and truck accident cases, from t-bone collisions to rear-end accidents.

Relevant Case Results | 99% Success Rate

  • $3.5 million | T-bone accident and significant spine injuries
  • $1.48 million | Side impact vehicle collision settlement with major injuries
  • $1 million | Rear-end motor vehicle accident with neck and back injuries
  • $725k | Car accident settlement
  • $500k | Car accident settlement
  • $400k | Car accident settlement

Client Testimonials

five stars
“I was 19 weeks pregnant when my friend and I were rear-ended by a truck that throttled is into another truck and the car was crushed in from both ends. Tim and his team did an excellent job helping us navigate the insurance claim process. They truly cared about us and I was more than happy with the settlement amount they recovered on our behalf. If you are ever unfortunate enough to be in a car accident, call these guys!”
Amy E. | Google Review

five stars
“What an amazing team of attorneys to have representing me during my two cases back to back, both with favorable outcomes!! Christian and Tim, and their staff are spectacular advocates, from their professional knowledge to words and actions of encouragement during the entire process. A special thank you to Tim for making the daunting legal process a positive experience!! You guys are phenomenal. May you be blessed in all that you do for your clients. I rate you a 10, keep up the great work you do for others!!!”
Tina Dean | Google Review

five stars
“Tim and his firm did an excellent job for my wife and I. They handled all the details from start to finish. I highly recommend working with them if you have any personal injury. Thank you Tim!”
Michael Webb | Google Review

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San Diego Truck Accident FAQs:

Common Injuries in Truck Accidents

A truck accident occurs when a truck or other commercial vehicle causes an injury to another person, usually in another vehicle. Truck driving accidents can occur for many reasons, including, but not limited to: drivers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving, speeding, or fatigued.

Truck accidents can vary in severity. In its most severe forms, a truck accident can lead to serious or even fatal injuries to passengers of the truck or other vehicles on the road. Some of the injuries include:

  • Damage to internal organs
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Spinal Injuries
  • Abrasions
  • Limb amputations
  • Bone Fractures

How Common are Truck Accidents?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, large trucks contributed to 9.8 percent of all fatal crashes nationwide in 2019. In California alone, 385 large trucks were involved in fatal truck crashes.

Around 13% of all traffic fatalities in the United States are from accidents involving commercial vehicles including trucks and buses. Approximately 7 out of 10 of every truck-related accident fatality happens to drivers and passengers of the other vehicle in the accident, not the truck driver.

Common Types of Truck Accidents

Trucks are large and unwieldy, with extended blind spots, long stopping times, and limited maneuverability. Some common types of truck accidents in San Diego and the surrounding region include:

  • Rollovers: commonly occurring from attempting too-sharp turns or from unbalanced loads
  •  Rear-end collisions: commonly caused by distracted driving
  • Head-on collisions: sometimes resulting from drowsy driving and drifting out of a lane
  • Jack-knife accidents: often from improper turns, sudden braking, or speeding on wet or icy roads
  • T-bone accidents or broadside crashes: caused by running a red light or failing to yield the right of way in an intersection
  • Sideswipe accidents: often from unsafe lane changes or improper merging
  • Wide-turn accidents: these occur when truck drivers verge left to avoid making a tight right turn, sometimes causing other vehicles to crash into or underneath the trailer

No matter what type of truck accident caused your injuries, if the accident was preventable if only the driver had taken the proper precautions you shouldn’t be left holding the bag. You deserve justice and compensation for your damages.

truck accidentCauses of Truck Accidents in San Diego

Though other parties may be at fault in a truck accident, by far the most common cause is driver error or negligent actions on the part of the truck driver including:

  • Distracted driving, especially due to texting, checking social media, setting a GPS, adjusting music, or eating while driving
  • Fatigued driving (truck drivers are required to drive long hours)
  • Lack of experience
  • Speeding
  • Driving under the influence
  • Failing to adjust speed for inclement weather conditions

Other causes of truck accidents may be improperly balanced loads, defective tires, defective trailer attachments, and poor truck maintenance.

Common Parties at Fault in Truck Accidents

Determining fault after a truck accident may be challenging. Police reports after an accident can help, but often they are limited in scope since police investigations focus only on criminality such as drunk driving. Independent investigation through accident reconstruction experts, eyewitness testimony, and other methods can help reveal who was at fault in a truck accident. A skilled truck accident attorney has the resources and knowledge to conduct this type of investigation. Often fault lies with the truck driver who may have experienced fatigue from many hours on the road. The driver of the other vehicle in a truck collision may be at fault if they failed to signal a turn or a lane change or disregarded traffic laws. In some cases, the fault may lie with a third party, such as when another driver’s action forced a truck to have a collision with your vehicle

Who Can Be Held Liable After a Truck Accident?

In nearly all cases, any negligence on the driver’s part can make them legally responsible for any resulting injuries. Sometimes, other parties may be potential defendants in a claim if their negligence led to the accident occurring. Other potential defendants you might be eligible to bring your claim against include:

  • Truck drivers
  • Trucking company
  • Company loading the truck rig
  • Manufacturer of the truck or parts
  • Government entities involved in the design and maintenance of the road
  • Other motorists if their actions caused or partially caused the collision

In most cases, truck accident claims involve large, corporate defendants who begin building a case against the injured almost immediately.  These entities have deep pockets and teams of lawyers working to minimize their financial liability.  For this reason, anyone who has been injured in a collision with a large commercial vehicle should speak with a San Diego truck accident attorney as soon as possible.

Proving Liability in Truck Accidents

Once your San Diego truck accident lawyer investigates the circumstances of your accident to identify the liable party, they will gather the evidence needed to prove liability. Proving liability in California’s fault-based insurance system requires demonstrating the following on the part of the defendant:

  • That they owed a duty of care to take reasonable measures to prevent injury to others, such as a driver’s duty to follow traffic laws or a parts manufacturer’s duty to manufacture safe, reliable equipment
  • That they breached this duty through an act of negligence
  • That the negligence directly caused the injury
  • That you’ve suffered real damages from the injury

Once your attorney effectively demonstrates the above, they’ll draft a compelling, evidence-backed demand letter to the appropriate insurance company with the goal of obtaining an ample settlement without the need for a courtroom. However, a diligent, determined attorney is ready to fight for your best interests in court if necessary to secure full compensation for your damages.

Contact Haffner & Morgan today (619) 541-8787 for a free consultation with our experienced San Diego truck accident lawyers.

Damages in Truck Accidents Claims

Damages that a plaintiff brings in truck accidents can include both economic and non-economic claims. A plaintiff can also seek to be compensated for future medical damages. To receive compensation, the plaintiff is required to prove through evidence that the truck driver or other third party was negligent and that their negligence caused the accident.

Compensation for San Diego Truck Accidents

A collision with a large truck can have devastating consequences for your physical and financial well-being. The size and weight of an immense commercial truck make them particularly deadly during collisions with small personal vehicles. If you or a loved one experienced a truck accident in San Diego, you may be able to gain the following financial compensation for your damages:

  • Medical expenses and any future medical expenses for ongoing treatment
  • Lost income and future lost earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of quality of life in cases that result in disability or impairment
  • Disfigurement compensation
  • Wrongful death

An experienced San Diego truck accident attorney can help you secure the financial resources you need to allow you to focus on your physical and emotional recovery after an accident.

What to do to Protect Yourself After a Truck Accident

A devastating truck accident may leave you unconscious or immobile at the scene, in which case you must completely rely on others. However, if you are able to safely move after an accident with a truck you can protect yourself by taking the following steps:

  • Move out of the road and onto the shoulder or to a safe location out of traffic
  • Call 911 to report the accident
  • Render reasonable care or comfort to any other victims at the scene while you wait for help
  • Use your phone to take pictures of the accident scene, the truck, and any other involved vehicles or obstacles. Be sure to include relevant factors such as road signs or traffic signals
  • Record the contact information of witnesses 
  • Allow first responders to transport you to a hospital or go to an emergency room as soon as possible
  • Ask for detailed medical notes and tell the doctor about all of your symptoms
  • Follow all doctor recommendations for treatment
  • Ask for a copy of the police report
  • Contact a San Diego truck accident attorney

It may be difficult to keep a cool head during the aftermath of a traumatic truck or car accident in San Diego but you can protect your physical health and financial recovery by taking these steps.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

California has a 2-year statute of limitations for accident claims, including truck accidents. This means you have two years to file a claim. In some cases, it takes time for injured victims to recover physically enough to fully comprehend the financial toll the accident took on their lives. Unfortunately, if you try to file a claim after the statute of limitations runs out it’s likely to be dismissed.

For people who are under the age of 18 when they’re injured, the 2-year statute of limitations begins on the day they turn 18. Incapacitated victims begin their 2-year time limit once they regain their mental abilities.

Recovering After a Truck Accident

Any motor vehicle accident can cause serious and even catastrophic injuries or death, but truck accidents are especially hazardous and traumatic. Recovering from a truck accident can be challenging. Some injuries may leave victims with temporary or permanent disabilities. Still, it’s important to maximize your physical recovery to the best possible extent after a truck accident while your truck accident attorney focuses on maximizing your financial recovery so you are ready to move forward. The best road toward recovering physically and emotionally from the severe trauma of a truck accident includes some of the following suggestions by medical experts:

  • Accept that healing takes time and care and that you may have to find a new normal once you’ve healed
  • Understand that healing may require multiple surgeries and lengthy recovery periods
  • Understand that you may be left with chronic conditions and disabilities that require monitoring as you go forward
  • Choose the best possible specialists in the field of your injury
  • Follow through with your doctor’s recommended treatment plan
  • Keep a pain journal and chronicle your road to recovery
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist who can tailor a healthy diet for your individual needs after your accident to maximize your healing potential
  • Seek counseling for PTSD, anxiety, or depression

Studies show that it takes a great deal of support to recover from a serious accident like a truck accident.

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