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Suffering an injury is a painful and frightening experience and serious injuries can have a lasting impact on the victim’s life. If you’ve been injured in Poway, and someone else was at fault, you shouldn’t be left to suffer the consequences. An injury’s economic and non-economic consequences are called “damages” in a personal injury claim in California. An experienced San Diego personal injury attorney in Poway can help you recover the highest possible compensation for your damages so you can move forward from the injury. Call our Poway personal injury law firm today to set up a free consultation at (619) 541-8787.

Why Should You Hire Our Poway Personal Injury Attorneys?

The lawyers at Haffner & Morgan are uniquely suited to navigating complex California personal injury law with over 25 years of experience in the Poway area. Our track record of success includes a recent judgment for $3.5 million in a client’s personal injury claim, $1.48 million in a car accident claim, and $1.08 million for a bad faith insurance claim.

Haffner & Morgan will give your case the following advantages:

  • Free confidential consultations and no fee until after we recover your compensation
  • A positive local reputation to put a powerful voice behind your claim
  • A resolution-based approach to craft a compelling case for your compensation
  • Strong negotiators who will work tirelessly toward the largest possible settlement in your case so you don’t have to go to court

Over 95% of personal injury claims are resolved through an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company, but the experienced litigators at Haffner & Morgan personal injury attorneys in Poway are more than ready to represent your rights in court if required.

What Will a Poway Personal Injury Lawyer Do For You?

Your attorney from Haffner & Morgan is ready to provide a complete investigation of your injury to document evidence of the party at fault’s liability. Then they will carefully calculate your damages, send a demand letter to the insurance company of the negligent person or business, and negotiate for the largest possible settlement in your case—all while you focus on recovering from your injury.

What Injuries Are Common For Personal Injury Claims?

Injuries happen every day in Poway, but some types of injuries are actionable, including car accidents, slip-and-fall injuries, defective product injuries, dog bites, workplace injuries, and other incidents caused by someone’s carelessness or failure to take reasonable measures. Common injuries named in personal injury lawsuits in Poway include the following:

  • Back and neck injuries
  • Fractures
  • Traumatic head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burns
  • Soft tissue injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments

A Poway personal injury attorney can form the best possible legal strategy to recover compensation for your damages.

California Statute of Limitations

California places a two-year time limit on filing personal injury lawsuits. If you’re injured in a preventable accident in California, you have two years in which to file a claim for damages. If the case requires a lawsuit in court, it must be within two years from the date of the injury or when you discovered the injury.

What Damages Can I Recover in a San Diego Personal Injury Case?

Even relatively minor injuries can cause income loss and medical bills. A more serious injury can significantly impact the victim’s ability to earn a living or enjoy the activities they enjoyed previously. A successful claim brings compensation for damages such as the following:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Reimbursement for lost income
  • Diminished earning capacity due to disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Any other applicable non-economic damages like disfigurement, limb loss, or loss of enjoyment of life

Your attorney from the Poway personal injury law firm of Haffner & Morgan will carefully calculate your damages so you miss no compensation you are entitled to in your case.

Steps to Take After a Personal Injury Accident in Poway

You can protect your physical and financial recovery during the aftermath of an injury by taking specific important steps. Use your phone to do the following, or hand it to an uninjured companion to use for you if you’re too seriously injured:

  • Call 911 to request an ambulance
  • Take photos of anything relevant to the cause of the injury, like a wet floor or the damaged vehicles in a car accident
  • Take photos of visible injuries
  • Add the contact information of anyone involved and eyewitnesses to the accident or injury

Always go to a hospital for a complete evaluation and ask for a detailed medical report with the doctor’s treatment recommendations for your injury. Call an experienced personal injury attorney in Poway before speaking to insurance company representatives.

Contact the Poway Personal Injury Attorneys at Haffner & Morgan Today

No one should have to take on a complicated legal claim while they’re trying to focus on recovering their physical health after an injury. Haffner & Morgan are the best personal injury attorneys in Poway to skillfully negotiate your claim to obtain the maximum compensation. Contact us online or call (619) 541-8787 today for your free case evaluation.