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Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents: What to Know

Posted December 22, 2022
San Diego’s mild climate and scenic roadways make it one of the best places to motorcycle in the country. Highway 94’s desert vistas, and fields of wild poppies, together with exciting casinos and museums to visit along the way make this stretch a motorcycle destination. At the same time, the Sunrise Scenic Byway winds...
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Top Tips for Brain Injury Prevention

Posted December 12, 2022
The brain is inarguably the most complex human organ. Weighing in at an average of 3 pounds of delicate tissue, it controls every body system, interprets senses, and provides the means of controlling body movement and behavior. It’s also highly protected inside a bony skull and surrounded by a layer of cushioning fluid. Unfortunately,...
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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim?

Posted December 9, 2022
A death in the family is always a time of shock and anguish, but the distress becomes unimaginable when the death is due to the negligence or wrongdoing of someone else. Though nothing can bring back a lost loved one, it’s possible to move forward toward healing and recovery with fewer worries about the...
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How Car Accidents Could Lead to Traumatic Brain Injuries

Posted December 1, 2022
Car accidents in California are a leading cause of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs). Nationwide, vehicle crashes are the second leading cause of TBI after falls. Sadly, TBI is the most common injury suffered in car accidents. This type of injury can be as relatively mild as a slight concussion to severely disabling or deadly....
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Dangerous Sidewalk Accidents

Posted September 9, 2022
Sidewalks in the City of San Diego The City of San Diego currently has approximately 5,000 miles of sidewalk within its boundaries.  These sidewalks run along streets, near parks, and outside of buildings and business. 2015 City of San Diego Sidewalk Assessment In 2015, the City of San Diego undertook an assessment of its...
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Recent Verdict Update

Posted September 7, 2022
After a five day jury trial, Haffner & Morgan, LLP obtained a $101,000.00 verdict in an insurance bad faith trial against State Farm Insurance. The jury agreed that our client’s homeowner’s insurance claim was improperly denied and handled in bad faith by State Farm. After attorney’s fees and expert costs, which State Farm now...
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