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Premises Liability

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A Guide to Slip and Fall Claims in Southern California

Posted September 2, 2023
A sudden unexpected fall is a traumatic experience. You may sustain painful injuries and temporary or even permanent disability. When the fall occurs in a public place, embarrassment is a troubling addition to an already painful situation. Despite the feelings of embarrassment most fall victims cite as one of their first emotions after a...
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Common Premises Liability Cases in California

Posted April 24, 2023
Property owners in California owe a duty to others to take reasonable measures to prevent safety hazards that could result in injuries on their property. Whether it’s a homeowner with a swimming pool in a family-friendly neighborhood or the owner of a busy store, California law requires all property owners or managers of property...
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Who is Liable if You Slip and Fall on an Uneven Sidewalk?

Posted April 4, 2023
Imagine you’re walking home from picking up a gallon of milk and a package of diapers from the corner store in your shady, tree-lined California community when your foot catches on a raised, cracked section of sidewalk pushed up from a tree root running below. Unable to catch yourself, you pitch forward headlong with...
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Knowing Your Rights as an Invitee

Posted March 20, 2023
Premises liability laws in California and other states hold property owners responsible for injuries occurring on their property with the acknowledgment that the owner of any premises should take reasonable care to maintain a safe, hazard-free environment so visitors can enter without risk of sustaining injuries due to the owner’s negligence. Proving this type...
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