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What are the Most Common Forms of Compensation in Personal Injury Cases?

Posted November 24, 2023
All sudden injuries are painful and traumatic, but when it’s a preventable injury that occurred due to someone else’s negligent, reckless, or wrongful actions, it’s even more distressing—especially when the injuries caused serious damages to the victim. In personal injury claims, “damages” are the physical and economic consequences of the injury to the victim....
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Safe Driving Tips for the Winter

Posted November 21, 2023
Nothing is more beautiful than the first pristine white winter snowfall, but it’s always best to enjoy this winter wonder from the window while you’re safely inside with a steamy mug in your hands. Around 1300 fatalities occur every year in the United States due to wintery driving conditions and over 116,800 other accident...
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Questions to Ask an Attorney About Your Slip-and-Fall Injury

Posted November 16, 2023
No one expects a fall, but when it happens due to someone else’s negligence, a painful fall is even more distressing. Often, a bad fall causes not only serious injuries with financial hardship and lost time from work but falling in a public place sometimes results in embarrassment and emotional trauma. If your fall...
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Important Steps to Take After a Car Accident in San Diego

Posted November 13, 2023
Car accidents are terrifying and traumatic. When you’ve experienced serious injuries in a car accident in San Diego, the pain adds to the chaotic aftermath. Unfortunately, the trauma often continues beyond the immediate aftermath of the accident as victims deal with the complex accident claim system in California. Though some accidents leave victims able...
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How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Help With a Brain Injury?

Posted November 8, 2023
Personal injury attorneys are strong, positive advocates for their injured clients, but never more so than with a client who’s suffered a brain injury. A skilled, experienced San Diego brain injury attorney can not only help the injury victim recover compensation for the medical costs they’ve already experienced, but they can also help the...
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How Does a Delivery Truck Accident Case Work?

Posted November 1, 2023
We are a nation that’s come to rely on the quick delivery of goods and services, including essential items, gifts, and household products from major online retailers like Amazon, as well as the instant gratification of our latest meal cravings from GrubHub, DoorDash, and similar services. But along with the convenience of front-door deliveries...
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