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How Often Should You Take Your Motorcycle In For Maintenance?

Posted February 5, 2024
Riding the open roads in the open-air design of a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. A motorcycle is also a gas-friendly option for daily transportation to work or school. The maintenance of a motorcycle isn’t as complex as that of a car or truck, but that doesn’t mean a motorcyclist should procrastinate or ignore...
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How Medical Records Can Strengthen Your Car Accident Claim

Posted January 30, 2024
It can be difficult to keep a cool head after a car accident, especially if you’ve suffered injuries. After the shock and distress of the accident, some drivers who can walk away from the accident just want to go home and recover so they refuse a ride to the hospital. Unfortunately, car accident victims...
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What to Know About Red Light Cameras in San Diego

Posted January 20, 2024
National data from 2019 lists California as the worst state in the country for car accidents caused by drivers running red lights. Running a red light is a tremendous risk, not only of causing an accident and bearing liability for any property damage, injuries, or deaths, but in California, it also risks traffic citations,...
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Semi-Truck Blind Spots: What You Need to Know

Posted June 1, 2023
Semi Tractor-Trailer trucks crowd the roadways in America, delivering our much-needed goods. While the freight industry is booming, and we rely on the goods and services provided by semi-trucks, these freight-carrying vehicles are large, unwieldy, and difficult to maneuver. They far outweigh ordinary passenger vehicles and cause serious damages and grave injuries in a...
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Study: Rip Current Deaths and Drownings at United States Beaches (1991-2021)

Posted May 3, 2023
Millions of Americans visit beaches all across the country in order to spend free-time with friends and family in the warmer months, get some much needed sun, and relax. We are familiar with the fun activities that are associated with beach-going, such as wading in the waves, surfing, and playing in the sand. However,...
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Who is Liable if You Slip and Fall on an Uneven Sidewalk?

Posted April 4, 2023
Imagine you’re walking home from picking up a gallon of milk and a package of diapers from the corner store in your shady, tree-lined California community when your foot catches on a raised, cracked section of sidewalk pushed up from a tree root running below. Unable to catch yourself, you pitch forward headlong with...
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