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Another Reason to Hire an Attorney: Less Work, More Money

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Posted on July 9, 2021


Individuals injured in car accidents benefit by hiring lawyers, according to the statistics. In a study completed by the Insurance Research Council the average payments to bodily injury claimants who hired an attorney were 3.54 times higher than to those who did not. Of course, the attorneys require payment. But even after subtracting the average legal fees, individuals with attorneys were paid 2.4 more than those without.


Any confusion as to why these numbers exist should be resolved by remembering that insurance companies are businesses. Whether your claim is through your own insurance company (UM/UIM), or through a third-party insurer LINK, the insurer’s goal is to get out of the claim with the least amount of money paid. They are not there to make sure you are satisfied or made whole; they are there to make you just happy enough to sign a release. The simple truth is attorney’s obtain better results for their clients because they know the game insurers are trying to play. The attorneys at Haffner & Morgan get results for our clients because we know what you have a right to receive and know how to communicate with insurers.


The adjusters who represent the insurance companies’ interests have guidelines they use when deciding how much a case is worth. Among these guidelines, are statements that, if made by the injured party, move the insurer to undervalue the case. So the adjusters are looking to get claimants to make these types of statements. For example, they could try to get you to admit liability, which could lead to a loss of any recovery. A statement that you had preexisting injuries can lead to a reduction in payments even where the injury is unrelated. They may trying claiming your medical records are insufficient to justify they payment that you deserve. When that doesn’t work, an adjuster could try tying up your case, in an attempt to get you to accept a lower number just in order to have the issue resolved.

The attorneys at Haffner & Morgan know how to deal with these tactics and know how to get through to the insurance adjustors.


An experienced attorney knows exactly what you have a right to receive in your case. Most important among these are your right to medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and property. The attorneys at Haffner & Morgan know how to properly evaluate your injuries, and refer you to the medical care that you require. We align the evaluation and your needs with your potential recovery to get you results you can be proud of. Just as people with attorneys get better results, people with bodily injury claims who hire attorneys get better medical treatment. This can be crucial in making sure that you end your case as good as you were before your injury.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident call or email the attorneys at Haffner & Morgan, LLP, today. We offer free consultations and take no payment unless you recover.