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Common Areas for Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego

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Posted on October 10, 2023

Southern California has some of the most iconic scenic roadways in the United States and San Diego is the epicenter of the state’s motorcycle culture. Sunny days and temperate weather add to the appeal of San Diego and the surrounding region for motorcyclists. Make sure to familiarize yourself with California motorcycle laws before riding. 

As exhilarating as a ride in the open air may be, motorcycle riders are extremely vulnerable to injuries in an accident. Sadly, drivers don’t always show proper vigilance to the presence of motorcycles sharing the roadways in San Diego. Motorcyclists may suffer severe or even catastrophic injuries in an accident with a 4,000-pound car on either city or rural roadways in the San Diego area. Understanding which areas in San Diego pose the greatest risk to motorcyclists can help riders be wary of where they ride.

Watch Where You Ride in San Diego

Nearly 640 motorcycle accidents occurred in San Diego in 2021, averaging 2 per day. The greater area of San Diego County saw 1,384 motorcycle accidents that same year with 46 fatalities and over 1,500 injuries.

In urban areas of San Diego, intersections are the most common areas for motorcycle accidents. Often drivers fail to yield the right-of-way to motorcyclists. Notoriously dangerous intersections for motorcycles in San Diego include the following:

  • University Avenue and 52nd Street
  • Camino Ruiz and Reagan Road
  • Broadway and 6th Avenue
  • Cesar E. Chavez Parkway and National Avenue
  • Market Street and 30th
  • Linda Vista Road and Glidden Street
  • Felspar Street and Mission Boulevard

The slim design of a motorcycle makes it more difficult for drivers to see compared to a full-sized motor vehicle. Drivers also easily misjudge a motorcycle’s speed, leading to poor decisions when moving through the dangerous intersections in San Diego. Tailgating and unsafe lane changes in intersections also contribute to motorcycle accidents in urban intersections.

Dangerous Motorcycle-Riding Roads Surrounding San Diego

In San Diego County, the highest concentration of motorcycle accidents occur in the metro area, but both San Diego residents and visitors also enjoy exciting scenic rides in the surrounding region, where dangerous roads and routes also exist. Some of the most dangerous roadways for motorcyclists in the region include the following routes:

  • SR-2 from La Cañada Flintridge through the San Gabriel Mountains
  • I-8 from San Diego to Costa Grande (Border-Friendship Route)
  • SR-78 from Oceanside to Blythe through the Cuyamuca Mountains 

Another popular ride along a route with frequent motorcycle accidents is Interstate 8 to the Sunrise Highway all the way to Julian Loop. Julian is a popular tourist destination for its well-stocked trout lakes, apple orchards, famous apple pie shops, and historic, gold-rush-era sites. While this is a spectacular ride through the Laguna Mountains, snowfall and slick roads in wintery weather pose a risk to motorcyclists, including collisions with sliding cars and trucks.

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in San Diego and the Surrounding Area

Though motorcycle riders aren’t perfect and sometimes make mistakes, the majority of motorcycle accidents result directly from driver negligence. Common causes of motorcycle accidents in San Diego’s urban area and throughout San Diego County include the following:

  • Speeding drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Driver failure to yield the right of way
  • Intoxicated drivers
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Driver or passenger opening a car door in the pathway of an oncoming motorcycle
  • Motorists following too closely behind a motorcycle
  • Road debris and poorly maintained roadways

When another party’s negligence results in a motorcycle accident, the at-fault party is liable for damages. In California’s pure comparative negligence insurance system, even motorcyclists found partly at fault in an accident can recover a portion of their damages like medical expenses, lost income, and compensation for pain and suffering. If you believe you may have a case, you can speak to a San Diego personal injury lawyer for more information.