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Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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Posted on May 4, 2021

Here are 5 Reasons Why:

1. A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You Determine What Compensation You are Due and How Much of Your Bills Can Be Covered

When you are a motorcycle accident victim a range of questions arise which can lead to stress, anxiety and restlessness, on top of the pain and suffering you are already experiencing. The first thing motorcycle accident lawyers are going to be able to do is figure out the type of compensation you are due, and where the money should be coming from.

California motorcycle accident lawyers are familiar with not only the law in California, but the process through which a motorcycle accident victim must go to be compensated. The motorcycle accident attorneys at Haffner & Morgan have a process which is tailored to each client’s motorcycle accident claim.

This allows the attorneys at Haffner & Morgan to inform you on the type of compensation you are due for your motorcycle accident, which in turn allows us to work with you in setting up a plan for your recovery.

2. Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Want Justice for You

Our entire job is to figure out what you are owed. The victim of a motorcycle accident should recover not only the financial cost of replacing their vehicle and repairing their body, but the costs associated with the pain and suffering they had to endure while they were going through that process. The best motorcycle accident lawyers not only know that this what a motorcycle accident victim is allowed under the law, but understand that this is how they can obtain justice for their client.

3. An Attorney Can Help You Make the Best Claim Possible

In order for an attorney to get justice for their client, they have to help you make the best claim possible. Even though you are owed recovery for a motorcycle accident that was not your fault, there are a number of hurdles thrown in front of you to keep you from obtaining the financial compensation which you are owed. Insurance companies and their agents have their own processes which were designed to lower the payments which they have to send out.

Beating their processes starts with designing the best motorcycle accident claim you can. To do this, a California motorcycle accident lawyer will gather all of the information currently available, and translate that information into the legal or contractual process. An attorney may also be able to find information that currently isn’t available or known. It is our job to find the information needed to obtain your best possible recovery. A well designed claim may help you avoid a drawn out legal battle, thereby saving one of your most valuable assets- your time.

4. You’ll Never Have to Deal With the Other Party’s Insurance Company

Drawing out the process and taking up your time is a tactic from the defendant’s insurance company in order to prevent your from obtaining what you are owed in your motorcycle accident claim. The insurance companies are also trying to obtain information from you which would prevent them from having to pay what you are owed. For example, they may try to get you to say that you are partially to blame for the motorcycle accident, doing so in a way in which a common person wouldn’t understand to be admitting fault. And so one of your greatest benefits in hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is never having to deal with the other party’s insurance company. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Haffner & Morgan will quickly inform the other side that all communications need to be directed to them. First, this keeps you from having to avoid speaking with insurance agents. More importantly, it lets the agents know that you are serious about your motorcycle accident claim and the recovery which you are owed.

5. You Should Be Focusing On Your Recovery, Not Stressing About Your Finances

Really, this is all about your being able to focus on recovering and not having to stress over your finances. When you hire an attorney to take care of your motorcycle accident claim the burden shifts on to them to ensure that you are able to make your body and property whole again. To do this, you need someone on your side that is able and willing to work diligently in communicating to medical providers, insurance agents, opposing lawyers, or any person who could possibly stand in the way of your recovery. The attorneys at Haffner & Morgan have the experience necessary to guide you and help you on your path to recovery.