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Pedestrian Accidents

When a person is injured as a pedestrian by the carelessness or intentional act of another person, they may have a claim against the individual that injured them. Often times a person is injured, to no fault of their own, when lawfully crossing a street in a crosswalk or walking along the side of a road. Just because a person is a pedestrian versus a driver or passenger of an automobile does not automatically make them at fault for an accident.

The attorneys at Haffner & Morgan are experienced at handling pedestrian accidents, especially motor vehicle versus pedestrian collisions. Frequently, persons injured in pedestrian versus vehicle accidents are placed at blame for the accident either by a police report, the insurance company, or both. We have experience utilizing experts, including accident reconstructionists to establish liability and get you the best possible return in your case.

Choosing the Right Attorney for Your Case

At Haffner & Morgan we focus on all types of serious cases and help clients become part of class actions and assist business clients whose success is threatened by the wrongdoing of others. In all matters, we are ethical, aggressive and tireless advocates for our clients. Our expertise and experience make us well equipped to handle even the most complex matters.