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What Kinds of Personal Injury Accidents Happen at the Beach?

Posted May 17, 2023
When the daylight hours lengthen and the sunshine turns warm and bright, many people hear the call of the waves and head to the beach for a day of swimming, sinking toes into warm sand, and sunning on the shore while slathered in coconutty tanning lotion. But what happens when a relaxing day at...
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Safety Tips for Driving in Tourist Destinations

Posted May 13, 2023
Whether it’s a romantic weekend getaway for two or a family road trip vacation, there’s nothing like the freedom of leaving work and school behind and heading for a beachy coastal town or an iconic theme park. While visiting new locations expands horizons and strengthens family bonds, traveling also means driving in unfamiliar areas,...
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How to Recognize the Signs of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Posted May 8, 2023
The brain is a critical organ, responsible for the function of every body system as well as our cognitive ability and emotions. When the brain suffers an injury, the effects go far beyond the location of the initial head injury and impact the function of other body systems. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is...
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Common Summertime Personal Injury Cases

Posted May 5, 2023
We all look forward to summer… the longer daylight hours, the sunshine, and the beach vacations make summer a season to celebrate. But with the increased outdoor activities and more active lifestyles, summer not only brings a rise in temperature but also a rise in accidental injuries. Though spending more time outdoors offers significant...
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Study: Rip Current Deaths and Drownings at United States Beaches (1991-2021)

Posted May 3, 2023
Millions of Americans visit beaches all across the country in order to spend free-time with friends and family in the warmer months, get some much needed sun, and relax. We are familiar with the fun activities that are associated with beach-going, such as wading in the waves, surfing, and playing in the sand. However,...
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Common Premises Liability Cases in California

Posted April 24, 2023
Property owners in California owe a duty to others to take reasonable measures to prevent safety hazards that could result in injuries on their property. Whether it’s a homeowner with a swimming pool in a family-friendly neighborhood or the owner of a busy store, California law requires all property owners or managers of property...
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