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How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take?

Posted August 15, 2023
Serious injuries are painful and traumatic. Often, the process of a personal injury case seeking compensation for your damages only adds to the distress, but gaining compensation either directly from the insurance company of the party at fault or through a lawsuit is necessary to recover the losses associated with the injury. If you’ve...
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Determining if Your Injury Was Caused by Negligence

Posted August 4, 2023
No one pulls out of their driveway in the morning expecting to experience a car accident, but an average of 6-7 million car accidents occur each year in the United States. Car accidents remain a leading cause of injuries and death in the U.S. Other major causes of preventable, fault-based injuries include, slip-and-fall accidents,...
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What Are My Rights After Suffering a Personal Injury in California?

Posted July 5, 2023
Injuries happen every day, and not all injuries are preventable. But when you’ve suffered a serious injury resulting from someone else’s negligence, reckless behavior, or intentional wrongdoing, you shouldn’t be left to suffer the financial consequences at the same time that you’re dealing with your physical injuries. Serious injuries require expensive medical care, often...
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Top Ten Questions to Ask Your San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer

Posted June 20, 2023
If you’ve suffered a preventable injury due to someone else’s failure to take reasonable actions to prevent harm, you may have reached the decision to hire a skilled and experienced personal injury lawyer who can help you get the most from your claim. Navigating California’s at-fault insurance system can be challenging. Talking to a...
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What Kinds of Personal Injury Accidents Happen at the Beach?

Posted May 17, 2023
When the daylight hours lengthen and the sunshine turns warm and bright, many people hear the call of the waves and head to the beach for a day of swimming, sinking toes into warm sand, and sunning on the shore while slathered in coconutty tanning lotion. But what happens when a relaxing day at...
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Common Summertime Personal Injury Cases

Posted May 5, 2023
We all look forward to summer… the longer daylight hours, the sunshine, and the beach vacations make summer a season to celebrate. But with the increased outdoor activities and more active lifestyles, summer not only brings a rise in temperature but also a rise in accidental injuries. Though spending more time outdoors offers significant...
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