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The Basics of California Bicycle Laws

Posted January 13, 2023
Bicycling has many benefits for personal health as well as for a healthier environment. California’s mild climate and hundreds of miles of scenic bike paths from LA’s Marvin Braude Bike Trail, San Francisco’s Presidio and Golden Gate Bridge ride, and the Napa Valley Vine Trail to the Mission Bay Bike Path in San Diego....
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Driving Tips to Keep You Safe Near Large Trucks

Posted January 9, 2023
We rely on the goods and services provided by our favorite stores, restaurants, and online retailers. But the commerce that keeps our society thriving means we must share our roadways with the large trucks tasked with delivering the goods we need to maintain our lifestyles. When a large truck collides with a standard-sized family...
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Ways to Get a Concussion Without Hitting Your Head

Posted January 5, 2023
Concussions are the most common form of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI), occurring when the brain bumps against the inside of the skull due to a force that causes it to shake and twist. The delicate brain tissue swells and suffers a varying amount of damage with symptoms that can be mild, moderate, or severe....
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Common Bad Faith Insurance Claims in California

Posted January 2, 2023
When California residents sign an insurance policy agreement, it’s typically with a friendly, smiling insurance company representative who informs us of the excellent coverage the policy provides for our protection. Unfortunately, private insurance companies exist to make profits, and that business model depends on taking in far more money in premiums than they pay...
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Hit and Run Motorcycle Accidents: What to Know

Posted December 22, 2022
San Diego’s mild climate and scenic roadways make it one of the best places to motorcycle in the country. Highway 94’s desert vistas, and fields of wild poppies, together with exciting casinos and museums to visit along the way make this stretch a motorcycle destination. At the same time, the Sunrise Scenic Byway winds...
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Top Tips for Brain Injury Prevention

Posted December 12, 2022
The brain is inarguably the most complex human organ. Weighing in at an average of 3 pounds of delicate tissue, it controls every body system, interprets senses, and provides the means of controlling body movement and behavior. It’s also highly protected inside a bony skull and surrounded by a layer of cushioning fluid. Unfortunately,...
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