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How Does a Personal Injury Attorney Help With a Brain Injury?

Posted November 8, 2023
Personal injury attorneys are strong, positive advocates for their injured clients, but never more so than with a client who’s suffered a brain injury. A skilled, experienced San Diego brain injury attorney can not only help the injury victim recover compensation for the medical costs they’ve already experienced, but they can also help the...
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How Does a Delivery Truck Accident Case Work?

Posted November 1, 2023
We are a nation that’s come to rely on the quick delivery of goods and services, including essential items, gifts, and household products from major online retailers like Amazon, as well as the instant gratification of our latest meal cravings from GrubHub, DoorDash, and similar services. But along with the convenience of front-door deliveries...
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What are the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Posted October 23, 2023
A sudden serious injury takes a physical and financial toll on the victim and their family. The cost of medical treatment may lead to financial hardship, especially when painful injuries and long recovery periods result in missed paychecks. In the worst cases, an injury could cause life-altering effects like partial or total disability.  When...
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Spinal Cord Injuries From Car Accidents: How They Happen

Posted October 20, 2023
The human brain and spinal cord work together to allow for body movement and other vital functions of the body. For instance, when a person takes a step, the brain sends a signal through the delicate nerves in the spinal cord to set their legs in motion. Despite the protection of a bony column...
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Is a Car Accident a Cause for Wrongful Death?

Posted October 18, 2023
If a person suffers serious injuries in a car accident, they can make a personal injury claim for compensation for damages like their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. But what happens if a person dies in a car accident? Can family members make a wrongful death claim after losing a loved...
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Drunk Driving Increases Around the Holidays: Here’s Why

Posted October 16, 2023
The holidays are a time for celebrating with friends and family and enjoying everything that comes with the season, including festive food and drinks. But for some families, the holidays become a time of year for an annual painful reminder of loved ones lost in drunk driving accidents. Alcohol-related accidents accelerate in numbers over...
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